Top 10 the most insanely expensive houses on the planet

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Having a big, comfortable house is everyone’s dream. A huge mansion with a pool and also its own beautiful garden would make everyone who lives in it feel like he or she is in paradise. Unfortunately, this kind of house is insanely expensive and only certain people who can afford to buy it. Now, we’d like to share some info with you on the top 10 most expensive houses or mansion in the world. Well,’s start with the count down from the number 10.

10. The Manor


Located in Los Angeles, California. Built in 1991 by Aaron Spelling, this house covers 58.000-meter square and has 123 rooms that are including gym, bowling alley, tennis court, theater, and also the whole sides of the house are used for Spelling’s wife wardrobe. This house cost $150.000.000.

9. The Pinnacle

This biggest exclusive house in the “Yellowstone Club” ski and golf community is own by Tim Blixseth. It’s located in Montana and cost $155.000.000. This house has 10 bedrooms, fireplace in each bathroom, and the chair lift that’s located behind the house and could take the passengers to the ski resort directly.

8. Franchuk Villa

This 21.000 feet square house owned by Elena Franchuk many features such as the sauna, gym, and theater. It is costed $ 161.000.000.

7. Hearst Mansion

Built by William Randolph Hearst. Located in Beverly hills, CA. It has 29 bedrooms, 3 swimming pool, tower, and a night club. It is costed $165.000.000

6. Ira Rennert (Fairfield Pond)

This mansion has a basketball court, bowling alley, two tennis court, two squash court, and luxurious bathroom. It is costed $ 198.000.000.

5. The Penthouse at one hyde park

This one cost $ 212.000.000 and is owned by the fourth richest person in London. This house has the bulletproof windows, panic room, and also iris scanner. It’s also guarded by the British SAS.

4. Henley Mansion

Located still in England, precisely at Berkshire. This house that owned by a Russian Millionaire cost $ 218.000.000. It is located near Thames river, has two golf courses, helipad, spa, and much more.

3. Villa Leopolda

Built by the king Leopolda of Belgium in 1902. It is costed $ 460.000.000. It is located in France and has 19 bedrooms and also 50 gardeners.

2. Antilla

It’s recorded as the world most expensive house in 2009. Owned by a multi-billionaire called Mukesh Ambani. This one has 6 floors of parking lot, jacuzzi, gym, spa, ice room, ballroom, and park. This house also has 600 staff and cost $

1. Gold House

Owned by the King Stuart Hughes Bling. It is located in a secret area in Switzerland. It has 200.000 kg of pure gold and platinum wares. And each of its floors contains meteorite and T-rex fossils. It’s costed