What Time Does the Huntington Bank Close?

For you who live in the United States, you might have been familiar with the Huntington Bank as it is one of the banks in the States which have a lot of branches across the states. Those of you who have been some of the members of this particular bank have probably memorised the opening hours of the vast majority of the branches of this bank as it is the same with the opening hours of most other banks in the country. It means that almost all of the branches of the bank open at 9 am. How about the closing hour of the bank? What Time Does Huntington Bank Close?

For the closing hours of the bank, they might be a little harder to remember compared to the opening hour as they might be different from one location to another. For the closing hours on weekdays from Monday to Thursday, there are some of them that close at 4 pm and there are some others which close at 5. Only the closing time on Friday is usually the same in most of the branches, which is at 6 pm. As for the closing hours on Saturday, they differ from 1 pm to 2 pm.