In today’s age, there are a variety of foods available in the market such as supplements that contain Omega-3. The omega 3 is often believed to be the substance that helps to heal some health problems such as heart disease, dementia, as well as playing an important role in fetal development.

Interestingly, there are many people who wonder about Omega 3 and its benefits for pregnancy, and fetus in particular. The common question that emerged in mind is “is it true that the pregnant women should consume Omega 3 during their pregnancy?” Since the last few years, many scientific studies are continuously conducted to expand our knowledge of the relationship between omega 3 as the nutritional needs of pregnancy and the results obtained. The latest developments indicate that omega 3 plays an important role in the development of the baby and the mother’s health during pregnancy and after pregnancy.

Omega 3 is already known as a substance that contains DHA and EPA which are very beneficial for the health of the baby’s eyes. Besides, omega 3 also plays a role in improving the performance of the baby’s brain by brain development and its nerves. So if you want to have a smart and healthy baby, you can consume omega 3. Normally, the normal doses that should be consumed by pregnant women is 300 mg DHA per day.

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