Play together with him and make him happy to be with you

Usually, woman’s mind is more mature than man and she can focus on one goal but not with man. He is very easy to change his mind when he was doing something. Some men prefer to pay that work therefore, they can not work well. If you have crush and you know if he likes to play a game or anything, you can try to follow his habit. According to men could be conquered by a woman whose sense. If you want to make him love you, you should be able to adjust to his life. Maybe, it is a new world for you and you will fell strange. You can prove your love by following what he did. It does mean you surrender to the man but it is a strategy. If he sees the sacrifice you gave, maybe he will be falling in love with you. As you know, the man will not bear to see a woman sacrifice for him because it was too precious. He will love you more that you love her and it means you can conquer him. If you are not satisfied and want to beloved by him, you can invite him to play anything that he likes and play it together.

Men really love women who can understand their willingness and one of them is playing the game. Usually, men like to play basketball because it is more challenging. You can play it together with your man and find the fun of it. Even you got tired after played it, you have made his happy because you are willing to sweat and dirty. It makes him can not hold to wipe your sweat and give you some water to restore your strength. So, make him happy with you is the primary key to conquering him and if you love him, he will love you more.