How to determine the appropriate dark of your windshield?

Magnitude VLT identifies the amount of light coming into your property after the film installed glass. The smaller the value of the VLT, the more you see a black window film. Note also in terms of regulation and clarity of the driver’s eyes. Consider also the effect of the dark window film you while driving during the day and at night (especially cars). So it is not wise to put window film that is too dark, especially for the front windshield. Possible to drive during the day is not too pronounced, but it will require extra work view while driving at night. Go here to find out the best place to repair your auto glass.

To determine how dark your windshield should be, is by doing this thing:

Checks the Ultraviolet Transmittance
The smaller the value% UVT her, the better. Where usually for window film that branded, quality, best, and excellent, they always have a UVT value of 1%, which means the ability to reject ultraviolet rays by 99%.

Determine the value of Infra Red Reflected
In essence window film made is to hold the incoming sunlight into the cabin of your property either car or house without having to make the cabin gets hot alias heat-resistant glass film. Another bonus is to protect and maintain your privacy when driving or block the view into your home. Window film that has a value greater percentage IRR, the better it will be. IRR is the primary focus and becomes a reference in the purchase window film.

Total Solar Energy Rejected
Is a size indicator to show how good and nice glass film in rejecting the hot sun. The greater the value of this TSER then it indicates the window film you get better and quality.

Not a bit of car owners who use glass as a dark film origin. That is, simply dark but did not pay attention to the safety aspects of driving, so that the user actually invite danger for drivers and other road users.