Selection of watches based on the shape of a hand

Users watch with a small wrist should watch with a small rope and a small bezel because of generally small wrist identical to those that underweight. Avoid usage of watches with wide straps and large bezel discount watches. As an example for men can use the Citizen AR3015-61E types and for women can use standard watches Casio LTP-1191A-7A. Get discount watches by visiting our website.

As for those who have a large wrist and fatty note the following. Bones hands of people who are obese are not great, it’s just meat and fat layer is thick enough to make the size of the hand to be great. Users watches that have this type of hand like this, avoid using watches roped and small bezel. Because watches like that it will be very visible in your hands. Instead, choose watches roped medium to wide, strap material is not too thin, and bezel of medium-sized to large.