The hobbies which will help you to pass the B1 English Test

Getting the UK visa will be impossible without the B1 English Test certificate. Therefore, you may want to learn more about it at the so you will increase your knowledge about the test. Learning and practicing are usually the things that will people do in order to pass a test with the satisfying results. However, due to the B1 English Test is a speaking and listening test, there are several hobbies that might help you to pass the exam.

Listening to English music

If you’re often to hear the music with the English language, it will be easier for you to respond to the questions from the examiner.

Hanging out with your friends

Although it’s not related to learning English, especially if you’re not speaking English daily, this hobby will help you to improve your communication skill which will improve your chance to pass the test.

3. Watching the British movie

The movie with the British English in it will help you to be accustomed to the British English Accent, so you won’t misheard a word with another.