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One of the school child’s identity is school uniform, ranging from nursery to high school school uniforms. We always wear uniforms to learn at school, though not many states are on the mandatory rules for school children to wear uniforms . Some of the reasons put forward why the uniform became an important part. One is to distinguish the level of education.

Usually, to indicate various levels, some schools apply a different school uniform policy, the reason is that they are easy to recognize by the school community. The school is also a place to learn about discipline and one vote through a uniform discipline imposed. Usually, uniforms consist of many elements such as belts, hats, models of clothes, shoes, socks and a badge on the shirt. Use of school uniforms aim to make students have in common with each other so as to have no difference between students who are able to underprivileged materially because of the clothes they use is the same so there are students who feel inferior because their friends wear clothes that stand out.